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Oil Gas & Petrochemicals Cables

Extreme conditions, such as high pressure and temperatures, humidity, presence of dust and drilling mud, solvents and gases containing toxic and aggressive elements, are a crucial test for the efficiency and resistance of well pumps, oil rigs, LNGs and petrochemical plants.
TECNIKABEL special electrical and optical cables for power, control, signal and instrumentation observe the most stringent international standards to guarantee a reliable and long-lasting performances and steady supply regardless of the demands.

Instruments, communications, energy and control are just some of the product lines offered by TECNIKABEL.
These products are suitable for installations involving particularly critical environments in contact with chemical substances.
They are abrasion-resistant and fire-resistant with low emission of fumes and corrosive gases.
TECNIKABEL follows the customer development process in order to offer customized cables in strict compliance with specific inshore, offshore and oil & gas industry needs.

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