New transportation catalogue

October 2018

Now you can download the new catalogue of Transportation product family: On-board train interconnection system.
This catalogue presents a new family of interconnection products (cables, connectors and harnesses) specifically designed for on-board train communication infrastructure.

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Updating Optical catalogue

July 2018

Now you can download the updated Optical cable catalogue.

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New Transportation catalogues

July 2018

Tecnikabel introduces the new catalogues which complete the Transportation product family: Metro and LRT cables and Airport cables.

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ZDC on èureka magazine

May 2018

Usually cables are passive components. The new TKGroup’s technology, makes cables intelligent and able to perform a self-diagnosis of wear.
At the SPS IPC Drives exhibition in Parma, TKGroup presented the ZDC smart cable project. You can find the article on page 50 of Eureka, the first national automation magazine that promotes technological innovation and research.

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New Green Energy cables product line

May 2018

Tecnikabel presents the new GREEN ENERGY product’s family and TK SUN and TK WIND catalogues.
According to sustainable development and to protect our environment, the new field of products promotes cables for wind and solar energy application, two of the most important renewable inexhaustible energy sources.

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IRIS ISO/TS 22163 certification

January 2018

Tecnikabel is the first italian cable manufacturer and the third in the world gaining the ISO/TS 22163 Certification.
This new certification confirms highest quality level in designing and producing of our products.

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Explosion risk areas and the Gas & Vapor Tight requirement

January 2017

Tecnikabel products installed in the giant Touat Gas field in southwestern Algeria.

Following the most recent progress in legislation, the cables suitable for installation in hazardous areas shall prevent any transversal migration of gas and vapours. Although the Junction Boxes and Cable Glands need complying to the Atex regulation, there is still a high risk of propagation of gas explosive mixtures present in the Explosion areas to the Safe areas, where there can be a consistent number of people. To date, most of the cables are unable to prevent the propagation of combustible gases. The new Gas and Vapour Tight cables engineered by Tecnikabel are widely installed in explosive areas in accordance with the requirements of the IEC 60079-14, not only fulfilling the traditional requirements for cables used in explosive areas in terms of mechanical, chemical and thermal loads, but also in terms of gas transmission.

Tecnikabel can provide in-house testing solution and test report certificates according with the IEC standard for instrumentation, control and power cables. The Gas Migration test can also be performed with the Witness of our customers or the End User.


  • Internal and External Installation
  • Flame and Flame retardant performance (IEC 60332-1 and IEC 60332-3)
  • Resistance to Fire (IEC 60332-3-22)
  • Armour Mechanical Protection
  • Data transmission, Instrumentation, Fiber OpticaL, Control and Power cables


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Bahrain seminar: Sustainable Operations

December 2017

Tecnikabel conducted a successful Seminar sponsored by our Partner Almoayyed International group.
On Dec 6th 2017, we introduced our smart cable solutions for the OGP applications for the first time in the region and first among the GCC countries.

We would like to thank Mr C.V. Murthy CEO of Almoayyed International for his support to Tecnikabel as a strategic partner.

Full article published on Bahrain Week Newspaper

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Corporate video

November 2017

Enter in the site, in the new Media Center area and watch the video »»

Passion flows through our cables

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Fire Resistant Lan S/FTP 4x2xAWG23/7

November 2017

EPC engineers daily design new powerful systems and large cabling infrastructures, where the Ethernet transmission protocols needs to vehicle an high number of data (data, signals, images, etc.) at high speeds.
These communication systems work with the highest speed and maximum stability, either through the use of fibre optic cable or Cat 7 Ethernet cables up to 600 MHz. With regards to the latter and in order to obtain major distances with no signal interference, the standard for efficiency requires an S / FTP construction with individual foil shielded twisted pairs, flexible conductors, braid shielding and an outer jacket suitable to the specific application.
Tecnikabel is able to meet the most recent requirements of the Oil, Petrochemical, Naval, Off-shore topside, Railway, Metro and Airport systems, with full circuit integrity performance during fire in accordance with IEC 60331-23.
Tecnikabel has designed and tested flexible Ethernet cables Cat. 6A and 7 suitable to: - Outdoor installation with mechanical protection - Fire conditions acc. to IEC 60331-23, EN50200 PH15 - Custom application with LSZH SHF1, SHF2, Mud Resistant and ATAR Outer sheath.
Features:- Halogen acid gas emission (IEC 60754-1 ; IEC 60754-2), Degree of acidity of gases (IEC 60754-1 ; IEC 60754-2), Smoke emission (IEC 61034-1 ;IEC 61034-2), Toxicity of evolved gas (EN 50305 9.2), Flame retardant (IEC 60332-1), Flame resistant (IEC 60332-3-22), U.V. Radiation Resistant (ASTM-D-2565-98)

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New Railway Infrastructure cables catalogue

September 2017

Now you can download the second catalogue of Transportation: Railway Infrastructure Cables. Constantly focused on the products’ quality, Tecnikabel engineers and manufactures cables for the entire range of the signalling systems adopted by both the mass transit and high-speed lines to guarantee safety and reliability of the railway system. This new catalogue shows our copper and optical fiber cables suitable for the signaling railway.

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New Fieldbus and motion control nets cables catalogue

June 2017

Always behind the times and in line with the new production system setting called Industry 4.0., Tecnikabel presents a new catalogue of automation cables. It shows different kind of fieldbus and motion control nets cables: both play a decisive role in industrial automation system.

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New Transportation cables product line

June 2017

By a continually updating Tecnikabel shows the new Transportation product line. This category includes products for different kind of air and land transport:

  • Rolling stock
  • Signalling
  • Metro
  • Airport
Rolling Stock Railway Cables is the first catalogue of this family. It presents cables used on board trains in compliance with
EN 45545-2.

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ZDC - Zero Downtime Connection

May 2017

The ZDC - Zero Downtime Connection - allows the end-user to check the status and condition of cables and cable assemblies used in automated production machines.
The additional information gathered with the ZDC enables the customer to do predictive maintenance in order to avoid unexpected and expensive failures and resulting downtime of machines and other production equipment.
This new generation of cables, thanks to the patented design combined with an electronic device able to communicate with ZDC, makes it possible to monitor and control in real time the main parameters (abrasion resistance, EMC-shielding, cable temperature and operating cycles) of dynamic cables.
Watch the Video »»

ZDC predicts and anticipates failures on cables

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Fiber Optic @Tecnimont

February 2017

On February 22nd 2017, Tecnikabel was invited by AIS and ISA to held a presentation on the Fiber Optic Cables - Maire Tecnimont HQ.
The “Giornata di Studio sui Cavi” is organised by AIS and ISA, with President Eng. Montresor opening the conference.

Event was attended by a wide number of instrumentation and electrical Leads of the most important Oil, Gas and Petrochemical EPCs.
Tecnikabel gave a sight into its core manufacturing and is thankful for the opportunity to share its expertise.

Thanks to all the participants for the warm welcoming and the great interest on the subject.
You can download the presentation here for full information.

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November 2016

Tecnikabel showcased its state-of-the-art range of products and technologies specifically dedicated to the Oil & Gas sector, at ADIPEC 2016 that took place in Abu Dhabi from 7 to 10 November.

TK Group’s product portfolio at ADIPEC 2016 focused on a wide range of cable solutions for the Oil & Gas industry, which incorporates complex and integrated control and instrumentation systems for chemical, petrochemical, industrial plants for Off shore and On Shore.

The group already counts on long-standing Cooperation with our esteemed regional partners, LIWA PETROLEUM & INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES, Al Moayyed International Group and Galfaar SAOG.

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New Building Technology cables product line

September 2016

Tecnikabel presents two catalogues of the new section Building Technology: Cables for Building Application and Fire Resistant Cables.

In this category you can find cables utilized in construction field, adapted for different applications:

  • Cables for Building Applicationpresents audio, video, data cables and facilities for electricity supply to guarantee the functionality of private and public buildings.
  • Fire Resistant Cables Cables pays specific attention to the continuity of service of public buildings system, introducing cables that guarantee their functionality even during a fire. Cables of this category are produced according to legislation BS 6387:1994 (CWZ),
    EN 60754-1:2014, EN 61034-2:2005+A1:2013, EN 50200:2006 (Class PH30).

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    New Hybrid Cable Technology

    June 2016

    Applications with cycles, very high speed, accelerations and harsh environment conditions require efficient cables for a long time period.
    Tecnikabel thanks to its test room, performs different kind of proof on cables oriented to the real application requirements.
    Moreover, in our centre, we reproduce extreme conditions test and their results are collected in a database.
    This wide updated collection of data provides accurate and reliable information about cable’s durability and represents the base for the development of new products as the latest Hybrid Cables, Hiperface DSL that have overcame 10 million cycles, with unchanged electrical characteristics – data transmission up to 100m.

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    New award for Tecnikabel @ 4th Railway Expo 2016 in Tehran

    May 2016

    Tecnikabel exhibition -Italian Pavillion- to the Railway Fair was again a success.
    The Italian Pavillion also counted on Hitachi Rail Italy S.p.A, Ansaldo STS S.p.A., Ferrovie dello Stato Italiano S.p.A., Italferr S.p.A., RFI S.p.A., among others.
    Furthermore, despite it is only the 4th Edition, both the quality and the number of the International Leading Players present in Tehran is a key factor.
    The Italian Railway Technology is leading the way after RFI recently signing with RAI: we are confident the Italian high- specialised products will follow the Engineering that will be supplied to Iran.
    A big thank you to the organisers for their work and for this Award.

    See you next year.

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    Tecnikabel Awarded at the Tehran Oil Show 2016

    May 2016

    Tecnikabel exhibition to the Iran Oil Show, the 21st Iran International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition, was a big success.
    It is absolutely the most significant oil and gas event in the world in terms of the number of participants and its size.
    We wish to thank all our customers for visiting our Stand @ Persian Gulf Hall: participation was impressive and interest in our high-specialised products huge.
    A big thank you to the organisers for their work and for this Award.

    See you next year.

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    New Optical Cable Catalogue

    April 2016

    Tecnikabel, in its continuous growth, presents its new optical cables catalogue, both in contents and graphic design completely renewed.
    In the catalouge you will find a wide range of optical cables suitable for many application as Telecommunication, Railway, O&GP, Submarine, Automation, Healthcare, Audio-Video, Naval and Defense.

    Meet us at the exhibition

    March/April, 2016

    Together with its presence at EXPOFerroviaria 2016, Tecnikabel presents its new calendar to fix meetings during the exhibition.
    Request your appointment and visit us, just fill in the form in the event page and click on "Book your meeting".
    You will soon be contacted by our sales people for confirmation.

  • Book for: EXPOFerroviaria 2016

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    New submarine brochure 2016

    March 2016

    Tecnikabel will partecipate to the event Oceanology International 2016, that will be staged in London from 15th to 17th March.
    We take this opportunity to present our new SUBMARINE brochure renewed both in graphics and in contents.

    New TecniKabel Website 2016

    January 2016

    Our new website is finally online!
    Tecnikabel is pleased to present its website, renewed in both layout and contents.
    You will now have full access to our product lines by downloading our catalogues in pdf format.
    You can also contact us directly for any request.

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